Weight Loss

We have 3 RESULTS driven packages that target different areas for weight loss. Maybe you want to target your tummy/midsection, increase your metabolism or jumpstart overall weight loss. These packages contain our top products that help support and promote weight loss.


With over 18 natural supplements, you can create your own package catered to your needs. Our vitamins and supplements help with...

  • Weight Loss & Increase Metabolism
  • Block Carbs & Fight Fat
  • Cleanse/Detox
  • Vegan Shakes
  • Natural Energy Drinks
  • and more!!

Skin Care

We have numerous natural plant based products to improve your skin quality and enhance your natural glow, while also fighting free radical damage allowing you to maintain your youthful self. From facial masks, cleansers, hair growth, exfoliating peels to anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and under eye creams.

Get Me Bodied Boutique, is a health and beauty boutique specializing in weight loss programs, skin care and wellness regimens. We offer natural and plant based  products that are delivered conveniently, to your front door.

All of our services and products are distributed from the industry leading company, It Works Global and utilize only the best ingredients. All products are only sold by a Get Me Bodied Health & Beauty Brand Ambassador or contract distributor with It Works Global. You can rest assured, that your products and customer service needs, will be addressed with style and class.

Sit back, find your favorite chair and enjoy your shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. 

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